Proud to reveal the first of many arms to D.N.P. This edition of Phantom Circuit features ‘Dub Not Pop’ in session. Three tracks in total.

Many thanks to (the mighty) Phantom Circuit for inviting D.N.P to perform. Their support is massively appreciated.


The future of D.N.P

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D.N.P has been very busy although very quiet in the last few months so changes will be made. The future of D.N.P will see a diversification of styles under a number of different guises. So in order to differentiate between styles expect releases over the next few months under the names ‘Die Neue Psychik’ (ambient oddities), ‘Dub Not Pop’ (dub), ‘Diddy Neon Pixel’ (8-bit/retro), ‘Did Not Practice’ (orchestral), ‘Dead Neutron Partikel’ (techno/industrial). This expansion to D.N.P will allow ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ to remain permanently ‘black ambient’.

D.N.P (Dub Not Pop division) will see it’s debut in session on an upcoming Phantom Circuit show.

D.N.P (Die Neue Psychik division) will see it’s debut release on the new Odd Chorus label.

Watch this space….

D.N.P is proud to be part of the new compilation from Petroglyph Music (track 6). ‘The Dangerous Kitchen’ tasked artists with the challenge of making a track using only sounds obtained in a kitchen. D.N.P used only the sound of a running/dripping tap into a metal sink to create ‘Water’.

Thanks to Øystein and Rune at Petroglyph Music for the inclusion.

This was issued some months ago as a limited download for 1 week only from my Twitter account. Now releasing it properly through a proper channel. 

Doom…I was obsessed with it for a number of years. The first person shooter that really hit the spot and spawned many imitators. 

Browsing through the internet one day I found a complete set of original Doom SFX wav files. They were sitting on my hard drive for a while when I thought “lets see what these can do” Feeding them through a sampler and sequencer I created the opening track to this album ‘Deimos Anomaly’, the rest just came naturally. 

The rules were simple:- 

1. All sounds in the album must originate from a Doom sound effect 

2. I can do anything to the sounds e.g. cut em, loop em, slow em down, play em backwards, add effects, etc as long as they are original Doom SFX. 

All track names are taken from the various levels of the game. 

Hardcore gamers amongst you will recognise many of the noises contained within, however many sounds have been twisted beyond recognition. 

Big ups to Bobby Prince who created the original Doom SFX back in the early 1990s. I hope he likes what I’ve done to his work. 

Dona Nobis Pacem…..grant us peace

Midlands Metalheads reviewed a rare live D.N.P performance last week. Here’s what they had to say…..

 First up is Birmingham’s black ambient drone performer, D.N.P. (Dona Nobis Pacem) (7). He is an unassuming figure in the corner of this basement room; being set up with a assortment of electronic gadgetry from which he produces some hauntingly absorbing noise. The D.N.P. experience is reminiscent of being trapped in a wind tunnel with nothing but your own anxiety for company… in a good way, if you can imagine such a thing!

​Kind words indeed. Truly appreciated. To read the full review of the whole evening head to

Thanks to Jon E Smoke for the offer of performing.

After a chance twitter exchange with ‘I heart noise’ the seeds were sown for the latest edition of their ‘Gone in 60 seconds’ series. Free download too.  Does what it says on the tin. Thanks to James Hall for providing the source field recordings for my track ‘Thank you James’ 


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​Romeda Records is having a massive January sale for the next few days. My latest release on very nicely packaged cassette + digital download for £1. BOOM! 

The entire Romeda discography of 21 digital albums up for £5.70. Go buy and support future Romeda releases.

Happy New Year!

​My top 10 releases of 2016. In no particular order. Support them all, they’ve kept me distracted from the horrors of 2016.

Exek – Biased Advice

Romeda Records – R2

Loscil – Monument Builders

Bruxa Maria – Human Condition

Wormrot – Voices

Owlbinos of Northfield – My spirit animal is a goth teenager

Einstellung – All & Nothing

Sote – Hardcore sounds from Tehran

Factory Floor – 25 25

Tunnels of Ãh – Surgical Fires 

D.N.P ‘Blue Light’ is track 59 of the annual Christmas comp. Cheers to Øystein & Rune at Petroglyph for their continued support of D.N.P.

Free download & stream

Many months ago at the Ambient Online forum I came across a post from Another Neglected Hobby inviting artists to add to, adapt, or manipulate their Drone or Drone remixed releases. I taken this offer up and over several months created this release. Many thanks to ANH for creating the original sounds. Many thanks also to my brothers in law Jim and Pete for sound samples of their workplace factory and farm ambience, and also for the brief lend of my niece’s ‘Rock’ Barbie. All sounds are used here.

Big thanks also to Øystein and Rune at Petroglyph for their continued support of D.N.P.