Recommended listening – Interlard ‘Late’

Posted: November 18, 2014 in D.N.P recommended listening
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Interlard have never been in the business of providing you with ‘easy listening’ and their latest album ‘Late’ is no exception. I have been listening to their disturbing experiments for some years ever since my old podcasting and community radio days. I found that to line up an Interlard track to close my show would really piss off the next DJ to come on the air as it’s primitive racket would more likely encourage an audience to switch off than continue listening. Their track ‘Song of the sirens’ from the album ‘Sticky’ which consisted of only mangled car/fire alarms and emergency vehicle sirens was great for that.

‘Late’ continues their evolution away from their predominantly electronic based earlier work in favour of bone crushingly heavy, repetitive and Neanderthal riffs, almost as if Tony Iommi had lost most of his fingers in that factory accident. It is layered with caveman drumming and the muddy distorted synth chaos like you’d find in early Whitehouse tracks. Frighteningly, their distorted industrial sludge is danceable and almost (dare I say it?) catchy. 

This album works like a cross between Boris and Merzbow’s ‘Feedbacker’ collaboration and Lard’s epic track ‘Time to melt’. Recommended.

D.N.P…Dona Nobis Pacem…Grant us peace


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