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Coming soon, D.N.P – Transmissions In Extremis.

Similar in concept to my previous album IDDQD=GOD all source audio were samples taken from the original version of the game ‘Doom’. ‘Transmissions In Extremis’ uses only samples of shortwave transmissions/static/noise as its source sounds. The results I hope are eerie and unsettling.
I recorded dozens of samples using the University of Twente’s WebSDR receiver, a fascinating tool. It can be found at and I thank them immensely. I also thank ‘The Conet Project’ for recordings of extinct ‘number stations’ that I have also used.


One for the analogue synth lovers this. Released through the ever superb Earthrid netlabel. All the sounds on this album were derived from Carya Amara’s experiments with the Buchla modular synthesiser of EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm, Sweden in June 2014. The finished music features both raw analogue and digitally transformed sounds.

D.N.P…Dona Nobis Pacem…Grant us peace

Many albums claim to be ‘space music’s yet very few actually manage to achieve it. ‘Saturn’ genuinely gives you that lonely, deep space floating sensation. Download it for free from the Internet Archive.

D.N.P…Dona Nobis Pacem…Grant us peace

The Birmingham powerkraut crew have been at it again. A superb mix of Black Sabbath riffage and the motorik of Neu and La Düsseldorf. A fine follow up to their previous albums ‘….and the rest is thunder’ & ‘Wings of Desire’. ‘All’ is part one of a double album, the second installment ‘Nothing’ is due out summer 2015. Try and get to see these chaps live if you can. They create a wonderful, hypnotic wall of sound.

D.N.P…Dona Nobis Pacem…Grant us peace

D.N.P is deeply honoured to be included in The Dark 3rd highlights of 2014 two hour special. ‘The Colony’ from the collaborative album ‘The fullest roar I have ever heard’ even begins this extravaganza of dark sounds.

Alongside D.N.P & David Duell in the show are such names as Godflesh, Aphex Twin, Burial Hex, Khost, Swans, Einstüzenden Neubauten, Sunn O))) & Scott Walker, Oren Ambarchi and Bohren & Der Club of Gore amongst many others. This is well worth a listen.

D.N.P would like to thank John E Smoke of Rivetheads Radio and for their support.

D.N.P…Dona Nobis Pacem…Grant us peace

Pleased to start the 2015 on a productive note. Here is ‘The only way is down’. Morning after come down sounds for the affected.

These slow burning tracks were created during November 2014 in a grey, murky, post industrial Birmingham using the Virtual ANS synth.

D.N.P…Dona Nobis Pacem…Grant us peace