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Thanks John and Midlands Metalheads for playing my latest collaboration with David Duell on ‘The Dark 3rd’. Some great tracks on there as always.

D.N.P…Dona Nobis Pacem…Grant us peace

D.N.P is truly honoured to be included in this release which marks the return of ‘Terse Tapes’ compilations. Big thanks to Carya Amara for making this happen and to Tom Ellard at Terse Tapes.

Sleeve notes

From 1979 to 1983, the Australian Terse Tapes label made cassette compilations. These are in danger of becoming “classics”, a complete betrayal of the energy that made them. There is no better antidote to cloying nostalgia than the corpse getting up and refusing the funeral. 

So instead say that from 1979 to 2015, Terse Tapes made compilations, and here is more of the same. You could put it on a cassette if that matters. 

I invited a few people I know, and they invited a few people they know, and music started to arrive in my inbox. I refused to listen to any of it until April Fools day. No one curated anything, although some people were nice enough to chase up their friends. 

Having heard this music over the last 24 hours I can divide it into some useful ‘sides’, but keep in mind you are able to arrange it however you like in this non-linear wonderland in which we are trapped. 

Side A: people who have doubts about music. 
Side B: people who do not fear a pretty tune. 
Side C: people that make graphs and grids. 
Side D: people who could plausibly perform in a public ale house
Side T: time lords 

Although supplied for no payment, there are specific rights attached to the recordings, which remain the property of the artists. Do not sell this music for a profit, do not use this music for any commercial purpose, including but not limited to, placement alongside advertisements or behind paywalls.

Organised by Tom Ellard at Terse Tapes, Sydney, Australia. Contents made in the USA, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Australia and other parts of the universe that man may visit from time to time. May contain nuts.

D.N.P…Dona Nobis Pacem…Grant us peace

New track ‘Unrelenting Pressure Cooker
released as part of this compilation by Midnight Radio. Cheers Glasklinge Zeitenlicht & Julia Z for requesting a track.

D.N.P…Dona Nobis Pacem…Grant us peace

Thanks to Sonologyst for reviewing ‘The Nikolayev Effect’ in the ‘Unexplained Sounds’ Facebook group

Minimal ambient noise track made in collaboration between D.N.P. and David Duell. Music fits very well, not just for spoken words, the atmospheres we could expect from a movie soundtrack, based on the controversial hypothetic russian experiment, known as The Nikolayev effect. Here’s a link to know something about this experiment. Very cinematic and enigmatic. Unexplained Sounds ! ***1/2

D.N.P joins forces once again with David Duell to perform our interpretation of the infamous creepypasta ‘The Russian Sleep Experiment’. Pure horror. Thanks again to David for providing the vocals.

D.N.P…Dona Nobis Pacem…Grant us peace