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Raffaele Pezzela, curator of the Unexplained Sounds group had this to say about ‘237’.

New release on Petroglyph Music from D.N.P. I appreciated a lot this work, an exploration into abandoned industrial landscapes, where noise reduces itself almost to the silence. This is a great quality for a musician into the electronic area: reduce the sound almost to the silence, making that the simple sonic waves talk themselves, without adding too much. Fascinating and oppressive. Recommended!

D.N.P…Dona Nobis Pacem…Grant us peace

Great new release from the Italian artist Sonologyst.

Given the mixture of a treasure chest of governments money, and private connections, the likelihood exists that six decades later there is a clandestine group that possesses:

– Technology that is vastly superior to that of the “mainstream” world.
– The ability to explore areas of our world and surroundings presently unavailable to the rest of us.
– Scientific and cosmological understandings that give them greater insights into the nature of our world
– A significant “built off the grid” infrastructure, partially underground, that affords them a high degree of secrecy and independence of action.
This might well qualify them as a separate civilization – one that has broken away from our own, in effect, a breakaway civilization. Still interacting with our own, its members probably move back and forth between the official reality of what we are supposed to believe, and the other reality which encompasses new truths and challenges.

Excerpt from the book “A.D. After Disclosure” written by Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel

D.N.P…Dona Nobis Pacem…Grant us peace

Click here to download D.N.P – 237 from Internet Archive (FLAC/mp3/ogg)

Big thanks once again to Øystein and Rune at Petroglyph for releasing ‘237’ on their label.

This one on playback personally reminds me a little of Alec Empire’s ‘Low on Ice’. Hope whoever listens to it enjoys. As usual, free download, help yourself, please spread the word.

Chris D.N.P

D.N.P…Dona Nobis Pacem…Grant us peace

D.N.P has 2 new tracks on the freshly released ‘Ambient Online Compilation Volume 5’. Dark journey ‘My mind is raw’ is track 50 and a neoclassical piece ‘For Ellie’ is track 79 of this massive 18 hour long ambient trip. Big up to all of the ‘Ambient Online‘ participants!

D.N.P…Dona Nobis Pacem…Grant us peace

Click here for free D.N.P vs Mutate downloads from Petroglyph music archive

Over the summer D.N.P has been working with Ade Bordicott aka Mutate to provide you with something dark and wonderful. The result is this… D.N.P vs Mutate ‘There was no future after all…’ Plans for a second collaboration with Mutate are already in the pipeline. Sit back, relax and immerse yourself. Thanks to Ade for providing some awesome drones and to Rune Martinsen and Øystein Jorgensen at Petroglyph Music.

“First release from Birmingham collaborators D.N.P. & Mutate, There Was No Future After All is
a truly bleak affair that runs the gamut, from caustic atmospheres to compelling soundscapes.”
Processed guitar: Ade Bordicott
Programming/production/artwork: Chris Downing

D.N.P…Dona Nobis Pacem…Grant us peace