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Pleased to announce that new Dub Not Pop album ‘Cheapside at Dawn’ will be released February 2020 by the fantastic Girly Girl Musik label. Watch this space …

The future of D.N.P

Posted: September 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

D.N.P has been very busy although very quiet in the last few months so changes will be made. The future of D.N.P will see a diversification of styles under a number of different guises. So in order to differentiate between styles expect releases over the next few months under the names ‘Die Neue Psychik’ (ambient oddities), ‘Dub Not Pop’ (dub), ‘Diddy Neon Pixel’ (8-bit/retro), ‘Did Not Practice’ (orchestral), ‘Dead Neutron Partikel’ (techno/industrial). This expansion to D.N.P will allow ‘Dona Nobis Pacem’ to remain permanently ‘black ambient’.

D.N.P (Dub Not Pop division) will see it’s debut in session on an upcoming Phantom Circuit show.

D.N.P (Die Neue Psychik division) will see it’s debut release on the new Odd Chorus label.

Watch this space….

After a chance twitter exchange with ‘I heart noise’ the seeds were sown for the latest edition of their ‘Gone in 60 seconds’ series. Free download too.  Does what it says on the tin. Thanks to James Hall for providing the source field recordings for my track ‘Thank you James’ 


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​Romeda Records is having a massive January sale for the next few days. My latest release on very nicely packaged cassette + digital download for £1. BOOM! 

The entire Romeda discography of 21 digital albums up for £5.70. Go buy and support future Romeda releases.

Happy New Year!

Big thanks to John E Smoke for featuring D.N.P in the latest edition of The Dark 3rd. Follow his show on Twitter @RivetheadsRadio.

D.N.P…Dona Nobis Pacem…Grant us peace