Dona Nobis Pacem Discography

D.N.P albums

Midnight Catacombs released November 2013 (Xylem Records)

IDDQD=GOD released January 2014 (self released)

Russia, 1937-1957, the ANSwer released May 2014 (self released)

Rotting Away released November 2014 (Petroglyph Music)

The only way is down released January 2015 (self released)

Transmissions In Extremis released February 2015 (Petroglyph Music)

VCO-LFO-VCF released June 2015 (self released)

237 released October 2015 (Petroglyph Music)

Beyond the Gates released November 2016 (Romeda Records)

BFG9000 EP released March 2017 (self released) 

D.N.P collaborative works

D.N.P & David Duell – The fullest roar I have ever heard released June 2014 (Self released)

D.N.P & David Duell – The Nikolayev Effect released April 2015 (self released)

D.N.P vs Mutate – There was no future after all… released October 2015 (Petroglyph Music)

D.N.P & Hyaena Fierling – Radio Diomede released December 2015 (Petroglyph Music) 

Himmelholzsteg 3 – Himmelholzsteg 16 by Eisenlager, Cousin Silas, D.N.P, Im Wesen Duesterheit released January 2016 (Midnight Radio)

Scott Lawlor & D.N.P – Fire from the sky released September 2016 (Petroglyph Music)

D.N.P meets Another Neglected Hobby – Do not try to get away released December 2016 (Petroglyph Music)
D.N.P live recordings

Obsidian Ambient Terror released March 2014

Difficult Music for Difficult People – Birmingham special. Live set and DJ session. First broadcast on Radio FSK in Hamburg on 23rd May 2016

D.N.P radio sessions

Phantom Radio Session released March 2014

D.N.P Remixes

D.N.P Remixes Futile Escapist Front – Cones released August 2014

D.N.P Remixes Futile Escapist Front – Cornea released September 2014

D.N.P Remixes Futile Escapist Front – Retina released September 2014

D.N.P Remixes Futile Escapist Front – Rods released September 2014

D.N.P Remixes Stuart Estell’s concertina cover of Burzum’s ‘Belus Deod’ released March 2015

Hugging a Ghost (Spectre & Chasm remixes) appearing on Owlbinos of Northfield – My Spirit Animal is a Goth Teenager remixes released June 2016

D.N.P compilation appearances (previously unreleased tracks)

‘We buy Anything…’ featured in Petroglyph Music – The Xmas Compilation 2014

‘Fri 3am’ featured in Midnight Radio compilation Christmas 2014 edition

‘Monday Morning’ featured in 1000 member Harsh Noise Wall group compilation

‘In the Pit’ & ‘Nothing no more’ featured in Ambient Online Compilation Volume 4

‘Unrelenting Pressure Cooker’ featured in Midnight Radio Compilation Zauberhafte Julia, Beautiful Julia Edition 2015

‘Dead City’ featured in Terse Tapes – Oompa Loopma Riot

‘Chasm’ featured in Unexplained Sounds Group UK Experimental Underground 015 Survey

‘For Ellie’ and ‘My mind is raw’ featured in ‘Ambient Online Compilation Volume 5’

‘Fast Forward’ and ’70s DJ Guilt’ featured in Terse Tapes – Terse Greetings 2015

‘As above, down below’ featured in Petroglyph Music – The Christmas compilation 2015

‘Low clouds across Birmingham’ featured in Unexplained Sounds – The first annual report

‘Radio Diomede’ by D.N.P & Hyaena Fierling featured in Unexplained Sounds UK Experimental Underground Survey 016

‘Poison’ & ‘Dare to tikl a beatboxer’ featured in Ambient Online Compilation Volume 6

‘The vermin’ featured in ‘These are those that kill with cuts‘ on Sonic Entrails

‘Pigeon Park’ featured in ‘Phonic Entrails‘ on Sonic Entrails

‘Under that rock’ featured in ‘R2‘ on Romeda Records

‘Tuesdays End’ and ‘Back from Reality’ featured in ‘Ambient Online Compilation Vol.7

‘Life Once’ featured in ‘Code Red‘ An ACLU benefit on Verses Records

‘Blue Light’ featured in Petroglyph Music – The Christmas compilation 2016

 ‘Thank you James’ featured in ‘I Heart Noise’ release ‘Gone in 60 seconds, Vol 4’

‘Water’ featured in Petroglyph Music presents The Dangerous Kitchen.


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