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‘Outsourcing Efficiency’ Indolent Child’s third album is out today. One of the bonus tracks is a Dub Not Pop remix of ‘Yeah, they’re dead’, a track featured on IC’s previous release ‘Embodiment of Privilege’ go listen, download, enjoy. Thanks to Indolent Child for the inclusion. Two thumbs up. Also on Spotify and all that.

Chuffed to announce the release of ‘Fire from the sky’ a collaborative album with Texan ambient noise powerhouse Scott Lawlor. Released through the incredible Petroglyph Music as a free download from the Internet Archive.

Give witness to the events of an alien invasion as an attack is executed on the home world of a distant planet followed soon after by a hostile takeover of the host civilization.An indwelling of the most evil kind occurs as cultural engineers greatly alter the new society beyond recognition of what it once was.

D.N.P has been included in the latest of Eisenlager’s ‘Himmelholzsteg’ series of collaborative works. Oddly credited as Chris Downing aka D.N.P, my contribution can be found in ‘Himmelholzsteg 16’, a 5 artist collaborative track also featuring Eisenlager, Cousin Silas, REALTIME, and Im Wesen Duesterheit.
Cheers to Eisenlager for the inclusion in this project.

D.N.P…Dona Nobis Pacem…Grant us peace

Click here for free D.N.P vs Mutate downloads from Petroglyph music archive

Over the summer D.N.P has been working with Ade Bordicott aka Mutate to provide you with something dark and wonderful. The result is this… D.N.P vs Mutate ‘There was no future after all…’ Plans for a second collaboration with Mutate are already in the pipeline. Sit back, relax and immerse yourself. Thanks to Ade for providing some awesome drones and to Rune Martinsen and Øystein Jorgensen at Petroglyph Music.

“First release from Birmingham collaborators D.N.P. & Mutate, There Was No Future After All is
a truly bleak affair that runs the gamut, from caustic atmospheres to compelling soundscapes.”
Processed guitar: Ade Bordicott
Programming/production/artwork: Chris Downing

D.N.P…Dona Nobis Pacem…Grant us peace

Thanks to Sonologyst for reviewing ‘The Nikolayev Effect’ in the ‘Unexplained Sounds’ Facebook group

Minimal ambient noise track made in collaboration between D.N.P. and David Duell. Music fits very well, not just for spoken words, the atmospheres we could expect from a movie soundtrack, based on the controversial hypothetic russian experiment, known as The Nikolayev effect. Here’s a link to know something about this experiment. Very cinematic and enigmatic. Unexplained Sounds ! ***1/2

During the summer of 2014 D.N.P created 4 remix EPs for Futile Escapist Front’s collaborative charity project to raise money and awareness for ‘The Eye Fund’ who provide much needed counselling and aid to those who are losing their sight due to degenerative diseases. D.N.P’s remixes are free however please donate any amount no matter how small to as this is what the remix project is all about. Their Paypal link is on their homepage.

For full details and if you wish to be involved please check out the source tracks at

The overall theme is one of the oppressiveness of losing your vision. The sounds are not meant to be pleasant.

Dona Nobis Pacem….Grant us Peace….

Whilst The Stones famously celebrated their 19th nervous breakdown in surprisingly chipper fashion this new release from D.N.P (aka Chris Downing, aka Little Chris) and David Duell (ex Bombers / Fade To Sepia) sounds more like the soundtrack to a man’s 119th nervous breakdown with Duell providing the haunting words and vocals and D.N.P the eerie post industrial wasteland atmospherics. Easy listening it ain’t but there’s actually something strangely hypnotic and womblike (albeit a womb pierced by barbed wire and choked up with the stench of cordite) about the work that makes emerging from its embrace both a trauma and a relief. It all reaches its peak…or trough…with the almost unbearably bleak Sunday On Tuesday, Duell surrendering to the “drink and cigarettes I need to function” against a fragile soundtrack pockmarked by an untuned electrical device, echoing the disconnected state of mind it…and many of its companion tracks…so ably seeks to replicate no doubt. Overall an unsettling but rewarding ‘roar-dio’ visceral treat.

Link to review on The Hearing Aid

“The elusive D.N.P has worked magic once again, to provide beautifully bleak, relentless soundscapes to the spoken word of David Duell (ex Fade to Sepia/Bombers). While Duell delivers his nightmarish prose and poetry calmly, but inexorably, D.N.P has created a haunting world of industrial isolation, that truly makes the experience an immersive one”

David Duell’s prose can be found at

Cover art – Unchanging Window (acrylic on canvas 2011), by Robin Pugh creator of the darkest paintings I’ve ever seen. Buy his paintings…make him a star….