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‘Outsourcing Efficiency’ Indolent Child’s third album is out today. One of the bonus tracks is a Dub Not Pop remix of ‘Yeah, they’re dead’, a track featured on IC’s previous release ‘Embodiment of Privilege’ go listen, download, enjoy. Thanks to Indolent Child for the inclusion. Two thumbs up. Also on Spotify and all that.


Great to see a glowing review of Verses Records and Romeda Records present VR on the YeahIknowitsucks blog. Copied in below. The review can be found online here.

Title: Verses Records & Romeda Records present: VR
Keywords: experimental world ambient electronic violin Washington
Labels: Verses Records & Romeda Records

A good listenable compilation that is smart from start to finish is a rare breed, sometimes they are simply too jumpy (jumping all over the place) or too immersive to be fully playable. But this twelve track feast delivered by Romeda records and Verses Records is one of those that is of the enjoyable kind that seems to highlight both label’s compatibility. It’s hard to hear whose artists are on which label’s artist roster, as their togetherness in style is pretty much as if they are twins. It is the material for a real nice listen, safe and sane, fancy, rhythmic or chilling out, tripping or relaxing while dancing.. it features it all, but goes so well into each other that it simply feels like all these artists are one big family.

I’m aware that my report of this compilation is one full of praise, lacks critical criticism or negative opinions; which might be a bit boring too read: so please, do listen to the compilation instead.. or if you really need to read all the feathers being stuck in these artist’s behinds: feel free to read along:

Owlbinos of northfield open up this compilation with enough stable warmth to provoke a listener into some kind of unconscious state of sound appreciation. One in which a single tone seems to hang around forever, while a rhythm seductively lays underneath for the ultimate bringer of audio pleasure. Less abstract is the appearance of DMLLL who brings a classy musical piece named ‘the strangeness of love’ ,it feels like it is made for a French art house cinema movie, with its violinistic skills that are so full of story telling emotions that you simply just want if to be attached to a cinematic piece of wonderful culture!

Dublock goes more for a electronic enduring trance, banging its four by four programmed beats with the sedating additives of techno movements that become funny in its acidic artifacts. It simply shouts: Get your glow sticks out and dance (while the cat is away!) with the naughty mice on the table! After that this compilation gives it’s time for more humbling material, but now brought by the two names Huda&Kamyar. It comes across as super-world-music, telling the tale of ancient history, traditional traditions and the never ending power of the always glowing sun. On paper (or printed here on a screen my descriptions probably don’t make a whole lot of sense, but trust me: hearing it makes the puzzle complete!

The collection of delicate yummy music tracks proceeds on a high making groove delivered by Glitchfield Plaines. It’s the rhythm and sound that is as hypnotic and fun as it could be, driving ravers, ex-ravers, techno maniacs and chilled out trip explorers together for a time of pure entrancement. It might be minimal, but it is pretty bringing the exact stuff that a good track needs to get the muscles going. Thanks to Pete Prescription’s Oscar Charlie Delta Blues the party vibe continues in uplifting happy ways. With a stable rhythm, upsweeping noise elements and a jolly guitar and swingy stable beat it is the one that celebrates extremities, making it a track that could be played (as a surprise!) in a deejay set of pure noise, at a party of friendly cowboys and cowgirls or somewhere in the future in which all lovers of sounds and styles simply had come together as one: it’s a real feast!

Starless by Tag Cloud seems to relish on minimal issues, delighting with a sound that is intriguing in its build up, slowly but surely entrancing in similar styles of when someone had laced the bottom of the tongue with some sensible drop of LSD. This track moves as if it is alive, freaking away while exploring in a kind way the sounds of modernity. It made me all bugged out when it had to disappear; my wish was for it to go on for at least one hour more… but sometimes less is more + we should all appreciate what we got & what we got over here is pretty damn good!

More musical and composed is the interesting piece as produced by the illustriously named mrscientificterms. It made me think of some kind of ‘doctor Who’ or perhaps the agents of ‘the X-files’ entangled in space, solving mysteries while a backdrop of synthesizer greatness, spiced up with the support of toned piano tones. It’s dramatic effects gets wiped away by the inclusion of the instant swinger as delivered by Dub Not Pop. It’s a warm groovy track, with delicious depth, focusing on the baselines, techno spiceness and most notable the in your face irresistible beat programming. It feels to me like the ideal music to hear when driving around in a car on sunny summerish days. Windows lowered and spreading the vibes among the high way!

James Wolf’s my cataract is simply beautiful, bringing out a silkiness that feels like it’s made by a alternative approach to the violin sound. It sound like it is made to complement beauty, perhaps a wonderful view of a land in which the grass looks impossibly green, the valleys incredible and inhabitants all good hearted saint like figurines. It speaks to the imagination, coloring my head with lots of colorful pretty images… what’s not to love? From tripping out in the beautiful soundscape views, you might want to kick back, relax and chill out for some special ‘me’ time. Luckily there is the Landscape Leisure Lodge by Kanal Dry. Providing a chilled out zone with a rhythm to relax and a minimal set of sleep inducing music. It’s a bit as if you had placed yourself in a massage chair, getting a massage by a groovy masseuse while the mind can drift away into the nothingness. But once ‘there’ the compilation doesn’t stop… it reveals the kind Valhalla sound of a music composition so kind and friendly that it felt as if it had successfully managed to combine the sound of being soft as a feather with the pulse of feeling reborn; being wiser, kinder and perhaps even younger at the same time. The Hunted Hare brings the best possible caring ending to this massive compilation of works that I cannot say anything negative about.. they are all so good! Perhaps that might be a boring read, but musically speaking it is a real treat!

Exciting times here at D.N.P central. Really chuffed to reveal the first full Dub Not Pop album ‘Explosive’. It will be released on vinyl and digital download from Romeda Records. Release date of the album along with it’s download only accompanying EP ‘Bass Aggrovator’ is not yet confirmed but will be very soon. Cheers to Romeda for making this happen.

Proud to reveal the first of many arms to D.N.P. This edition of Phantom Circuit features ‘Dub Not Pop’ in session. Three tracks in total.

Many thanks to (the mighty) Phantom Circuit for inviting D.N.P to perform. Their support is massively appreciated.

D.N.P is proud to be part of the new compilation from Petroglyph Music (track 6). ‘The Dangerous Kitchen’ tasked artists with the challenge of making a track using only sounds obtained in a kitchen. D.N.P used only the sound of a running/dripping tap into a metal sink to create ‘Water’.

Thanks to Øystein and Rune at Petroglyph Music for the inclusion.

D.N.P ‘Blue Light’ is track 59 of the annual Christmas comp. Cheers to Øystein & Rune at Petroglyph for their continued support of D.N.P.





Truly honoured to be part of this Verses Records compilation released today, the proceeds of which will directly benefit the ACLU.

The American Civil Liberties Union was founded in 1920 and is the USA’s guardian of liberty. The ACLU works in the courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to all people in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.  THEY ARE NEEDED RIGHT NOW. Please support this worthy cause and hear some great music in doing so. Note also superb new tracks from Romeda labelmates Glitchfield Plaines & Owlbinos of Northfield. Enjoy, and thank you.

2 new ones, ‘Tuesdays End’ and ‘Back from Reality’ are on the latest edition of the Ambient Online comps. Go support this great community!

​Owlbinos of Northfield’s ‘My Spirit Animal is a Goth Teenager’ remix album in which D.N.P contributed 2 remixes is reviewed. Good too!

​As a precursor to the upcoming new album by D.N.P soon to be released through the superb Romeda Records, a new track ‘Under that Rock’ has been included in a free comp to celebrate Romeda‘s second birthday. Ladies & gents lend your ears to R2. The t-shirts are pretty dapper too. Please support this excellent grass roots label.