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​My top 10 releases of 2016. In no particular order. Support them all, they’ve kept me distracted from the horrors of 2016.

Exek – Biased Advice

Romeda Records – R2

Loscil – Monument Builders

Bruxa Maria – Human Condition

Wormrot – Voices

Owlbinos of Northfield – My spirit animal is a goth teenager

Einstellung – All & Nothing

Sote – Hardcore sounds from Tehran

Factory Floor – 25 25

Tunnels of Ãh – Surgical Fires 

​Owlbinos of Northfield’s ‘My Spirit Animal is a Goth Teenager’ remix album in which D.N.P contributed 2 remixes is reviewed. Good too!

D.N.P is honoured to be involved in the remix album of Owlbinos of Northfield’s ‘My Spirit Animal is a Goth Teenager’ release providing 2 remixes of the track ‘Hugging a Ghost’. Great work all round by the remixers. I understand that both O.O.N & Romeda records are double chuffed with the results. Available as  digital download and on limited edition cassette.