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Dub Not Pop’s first release ‘In Session on Phantom Circuit’ has now been made by available through the terrific Romeda

The tracks were originally created for show 202 of the Phantom circuit board show. Massive thanks to Phantom circuit for the invite to perform. Massive thanks to Romeda for putting this out there.

More to come from Dub Not Pop very soon. Watch this space….

Proud to reveal the first of many arms to D.N.P. This edition of Phantom Circuit features ‘Dub Not Pop’ in session. Three tracks in total.

Many thanks to (the mighty) Phantom Circuit for inviting D.N.P to perform. Their support is massively appreciated.

It’s a great shame that Phantom Circuit has decided to give the show a rest for the foreseeable future. A superb show that I for one will sorely miss. The last show #152 went online yesterday and features a track from D.N.P’s latest album. Fingers crossed for a return of Phantom Circuit sometime next year. In the meantime, listen in to the last show.

D.N.P…Dona Nobis Pacem…Grant us peace

It was an honour to be asked to record some tracks exclusive to the superb internet radio show. These tracks appeared on Show #136.