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Thanks to Sonologyst for reviewing ‘The Nikolayev Effect’ in the ‘Unexplained Sounds’ Facebook group

Minimal ambient noise track made in collaboration between D.N.P. and David Duell. Music fits very well, not just for spoken words, the atmospheres we could expect from a movie soundtrack, based on the controversial hypothetic russian experiment, known as The Nikolayev effect. Here’s a link to know something about this experiment. Very cinematic and enigmatic. Unexplained Sounds ! ***1/2

While not exactly new, this 2014 release caught my eye by being based on the sounds of the ANS synthesizer, that mysterious vintage synth of Russian origin that has such a distinctive sound (see the works of Astrowind for an example). Using the sampled sounds, D.N.P. has crafted a murky, mysterious dark ambient album (dark ambient is this artist’s thing). The drone works “Inside I’m Screaming”  and “Death of Personality” are perfect examples of claustrophobic but still eerily beautiful sound art. I’m not sure if the album made me feel like a gulag victim or one of Stalin’s purgees, but there’s definitely a musty air of irrational horror pervading these recordings, and it’s no surprise considering the peculiar Soviet origin of the sounds. D.N.P. proves expert at creating dark ambient atmospheres, and in a very crowded subgenre, that stands out.

Big thanks to for the kind words. The review can be found here on their site.

Gigjunkies live review

Posted: October 9, 2014 in Gigs, Reviews
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First up D.N.P aka ‘Little’ Chris Downing the dude who’s behind the much missed Brumcast series of podcasts. In the intervening year or two he’s clearly been busy copulating with Satan…as least that’s what his ‘black ambient drone’ sounds make you think of. The video projections behind him neatly hammer (House) the point home.

Link to review on Gigjunkies

Whilst The Stones famously celebrated their 19th nervous breakdown in surprisingly chipper fashion this new release from D.N.P (aka Chris Downing, aka Little Chris) and David Duell (ex Bombers / Fade To Sepia) sounds more like the soundtrack to a man’s 119th nervous breakdown with Duell providing the haunting words and vocals and D.N.P the eerie post industrial wasteland atmospherics. Easy listening it ain’t but there’s actually something strangely hypnotic and womblike (albeit a womb pierced by barbed wire and choked up with the stench of cordite) about the work that makes emerging from its embrace both a trauma and a relief. It all reaches its peak…or trough…with the almost unbearably bleak Sunday On Tuesday, Duell surrendering to the “drink and cigarettes I need to function” against a fragile soundtrack pockmarked by an untuned electrical device, echoing the disconnected state of mind it…and many of its companion tracks…so ably seeks to replicate no doubt. Overall an unsettling but rewarding ‘roar-dio’ visceral treat.

Link to review on The Hearing Aid